Identifying and Assessing Export Markets

Manager Monitoring and Research, Dhanraj Harrypersad and Maria Whiltshire, Research Officer speak with participants to get a clear idea of their needs.

Happening Now: Exporters and potential exporters in today's workshop get ready to Identify their desired markets and Assess their feasibility based on a number of factors, including, geographic location and transportation costs, competition and other market conditions.

Looking at new markets or expanding into existing markets is not a matter of chance. Developing an export plan is based on in-depth research on the market conditions as well as risk and cost factors that can impact the sustainability and profitability for the exporter. This programme mitigates those factors as exporters and potential exporters learn about the websites and tools available for global and regional market research.

At today's session, participants in the Creative and ICT Services as well as Food and Beverage Sectors, do case analysis for their own businesses by first determining their product or service HS codes and searching platforms like ITC Trade Maps for exports and imports in those categories.

This programme was over-subscribed! We look forward to another exciting session tomorrow.

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