Who are the EXPORTERS under the exporTT Pavilion? - TIC 2017

We are ready for you at the Trade and Investment Convention (TIC)! Be prepared for all the exciting products and services on display tomorrow through to Sunday by exporters currently highlighted on our page! - exporTT, Creating a World of Opportunities for Trinidad & Tobago exporters. Visit exporTT's Pavilion to see what our services and goods exporters have to offer the world! marketing ICT education distribution marketing alimentos épicerie digital Services boutique Creative Industries Fashion- July 6th-9th

RSC International Limited is an education based company that focuses on Software Development and Training. With the use of animation, video and interactive simulation, RSC creates digital content for the primary and secondary school system of the Caribbean.

Training is based on the infusion of ICT in education including Application Programme Interfaces (“APIs”) and management systems.

Services to be featured at TIC: school management system; C.X.C solutions, the Youthconnect Application.

RSC will be represented by Director, Mr Raj Ramdass, at this week’s TIC. http://rscitt.com/

Nature gave us everything that we need. Twigs Naturals just makes it convenient. Their ready to drink teabags and seasonings are sold in convenient ziplock resealable plastic lined paper pouches that maintain freshness. They are serious about conserving the environment.

They use no preservatives, fillers or salt in their diverse range of products. Come try the Lemongrass, Bamboo, Ginger, Caribbean Citrine Tea (a unique blend of lemongrass and Orange Peel), Moringa, Mint, Green Tea, Caribbean Christmas Tea (a unique blend of Wild Hibiscus, aka Sorrel and Anise), Amber Tea (a unique blend of ginger and lemongrass) and 2 Root Tea (a unique blend of tumeric and ginger).

Dingole Ltd. is an intimate design studio that is passionate about leveraging the potential of immersive technologies to create new realities and brand identities that inspire. They develop groundbreaking VR/AR apps, 360° stereoscopic video, interactive VR experiences and immersive 3D Virtual Tours!

Dingole will be represented by Founder, Shawn De Freitas at this week’s TIC.





Perfect Peppers targets Foodies worldwide who are seeking Gourmet-quality spicy foods. Our emphasis is Gourmet with Caribbean flavours. Given the growing global appreciation for spicy foods, we use various Trinidad-grown peppers as a taste palette. Recipes use local fruit to heighten the unique experience. We have followers in – Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. Also in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand. In the USA, we have fans in New York, Florida, Washington, Seattle, Montana, Texas and Wisconsin. And of course, Caribbean countries such as Barbados, St. Lucia and Jamaica.

Serving condiments like Pepper Chow, Cherry Peppers, Pickled Pimento & Tamarind Salsa and Pepper Jellies with unique flavours of Sorrel, Mammey Apple, Pimento and Pep-paya !

Ixanos Intelligent Engineering Systems Ltd​ is a Technology based company conceptualised within the University of the West Indies by its founder Prof Emeritus St. Clair King. Ixanos became a private entity in 1999. The ethos of the company is to develop New Technology, Knowledge and Expertise to advance the services and Infrastructure of Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the region. Since 1999 Ixanos has built many software systems across various Industries. These can be categorized as follows:

  • Enterprise Performance Management System,
  • Real Time Monitoring: Telemetry
  • Real Time Operational Decision Support Systems,
  • Mobility Solutions,
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Automation,
  • E-commerce,
  • Web platforms,
  • Machine / Software Integrations

Ixanos Ltd will be represented by Chief Executive Officer, Mr Stephen King, at this week’s TIC. Visit their website! http://www.ixanos.co.tt/

Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride Ltd., developing a high standard product that can have global appeal! This company was awarded, Most Innovative Product in cocoa at the last Fine Flavour Forum in Tobago. The products has been featured the Agricultural Development Bank and Cocoa Board’s calendar on numerous occasions as well as various news paper articles and magazines over the years.

A chocolate lover’s dream Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride leads in innovation with products ranging from Dark Drinking Chocolate to Cocoa Nibs and Cocoa Butter Dark, White and Milk Chocolates and Truffles. Your customers can satisfy their pallet with the true flavour of world class Trinitario cocoa beans transformed into delectable bites of 60% dark chocolate, filled with traditional sweets, such as sugar cake, fudge, fruit and nut and rum fruit cake fruit filling.

 Take a look at their lovely designs and visit their Facebook page. 

The Exquizite Islander

Founded in 2010, by a then 23 year old Jody White, Slimdown 360 focused on creating healthier food alternatives in Trinidad and Tobago. Since then, over one million items have been delivered in the twin isles, with the company now being the local benchmark in the industry. The Company’s value of assisting small and rural farmers plays an ever-important role in the sourcing of raw materials. A supplier preference is placed on those farmers that are young and of rural and developing neighborhoods. Over 10 tonnes of produce has been bought since the launch.

We are a small company, from a small country with a big hear, looking to leave our footprint on a global scale.

KDF & Associates, LLC KDF & Associates Ltd. KDF & Associates KDF and Associates Ltd has been established since 2011. With over seventeen (17) years of individual experience in the Information Technology, Property Management and Security, our organisational structure lays the foundation to provide consistent products and services that will meet both your organisation’s and customer’s needs.

We also provide property management services to companies who have experienced difficulties in managing maintenance issues and security measures to enable our clients to concentrate on their respective businesses. We work with you to select and manage the best property management solutions and providers for your business. KDF and Associates Ltd remains at the cutting edge of technological advancements.

Services to be featured at TIC: Personal Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. http://kdfassociates.com/

Have you been introduced to Habanero Pepper Sauce? Their philosophy: 'To give more in every way possible.' Which is why the main ingredient in their pepper sauce is still the love that they put in!

Habanero Pepper Sauce was made by a simple woman with a big flare for flavour, Hafeza. It was a well kept secret shared only among family members at the dinner table for many years until in the early 1980s the products were introduced in a small family restaurant in the village of Claxton Bay, Trinidad and Tobago. It immediately became the favorite accessory on every meal. Soon after, visitors to the restaurant began requesting bottles to purchase of what would soon become Habanero Pepper Sauce, so that they could enjoy at home and share with friends.

As the demand for Habanero Pepper Sauce grew the family decided that it was only fair to share the gourmet pepper sauce with the entire world. Today it is made with the same love and passion as it was in the beginning.



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