How much do you export annually (TT$Million)?

>TT$25M per annum
TT$15 - TT$25M
TT$5M - TT$15M
TT$2M - TT$5M
< TT$2M
No exports
How frequently do you export annually?

Greater than 500 times a year
200 - 500
100 - 200
50 - 100
< 50
No exports
What percentage of your total exports are to countries outside of CARICOM?

20% > 29%
10% > 19%
5% > 9%
0% > 4%
No exports
Which of the following export markets do you supply?

Caricom, USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America
Caricom, USA, Canada, Latin America
Caricom, Latin America, Europe
Caricom and Latin America
Caricom and Europe
Caricom and USA/Canada
Caricom Only
No exports
Which International standards certifications have you obtained?

European and US Standards
Either European or US Standard
In process
No Standards
No exports
Which of the following best describes your export strategy?

Further Extra Regional Expansion
Latin American Expansion
US and UK Expansion
CARICOM Expansion
Entering CARICOM Markets
No Export Plans